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Jack Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Jack is a generalist who loves to offer variety in his magic act. You’ll see some strong and theatrical card magic, but the lecture won’t be limited to cards. You’ll also learn about presentation, psychology, misdirection and timing. All of the tricks presented in this lecture are in his current working repertoire, so you can be sure there will be no filler. Each one is practical, hard hitting and reputation making and most have an automatic reset.

Nervous jolt : A coin is placed on a spectator’s hand and some pressure is made on the fingers and elbow to channel the energy. The coin eerily rise until it flips completely without you even touching it. Magician control everything despite the fact that everything is super fair and justified. Reputation making stuff.

Silver dust : A strong and very easy to follow coins across routine that has a real meaning to your audience. A nice lesson in psychology and body movement.

Printing 99.0 : A streamlined presentation for the classic Dominique Duvivier’s Printing. An easy “in your face” reset makes it a real worker. Even if you know and perform Printing, this one will really catch you off guard with the killer ending that will drop their jaw.

ESPecially Wild revisited : A super clean and direct handling for this Paul Hallas classic that you’ll fool yourself with, introducing the “Billboard enveloppes”. A quick and nice mentalist effect followed by a super strong wild cards effect. Automatic reset.

Ultimate Ace Unleashed : Jack’s version on the Macdonald’s aces plot. Lots of ideas and killer subtleties that put it on another level. Automatic reset.

Samsung’s fiasco : The version of Richard Sanders Extreme Burn that everyone was hoping for. The bills change occurs 2 times and the trick now as a real meaning and is logical on top of you having an entertaining story to tell.

Daytona coins : A spectacular/do it everywhere/automatic reset coin routine that will establish you as a master sleight of hand artist. 17 magical moments in less than a minute will let them gasping for air. Need a little work but not hard to master.

Spectator’s ambition : Jack’s personalized version on the ambitious card plot where the spectator is the center of attention and gets all the applause. Lots of original phases and strong psychology throughout. This conclude by an extremely clean and self contained rising card. A great crowd pleaser. This include an original idea that will help you sign more clients.

Say my Name : An incredibly strong and direct mentalism effect that you can perform hopping table or on stage. A “magician’s in trouble” effect that really knock their socks off. Based on the “Oscar” plot. Automatic reset.

Zombie : Jack’s version on the classic cannibal plot, but with zombies. A nice, surprising, theatrical and streamlined version of this great classic. Uses the “Billboard enveloppe” and a severed hand. Highly entertaining.

Viva Las Vegas : Close up theatrical magic at its best. Jack’s adaptation of this great Mark Mason classic. You offer the spectators a trip to Las Vegas. An entertaining routine follows where you offer a 100$ casino chip to the spectator if you’re not able to find their freely chosen card using a coin. Strong, crystal clear, and at the end they will clap until their hands hurts.

Money Maker : An entertaining bill routine where you explain them how to easily make money without effort. You proceed to change your own 20$ bill into a 50, then the 50 is changed into an 100. You offer them to do the same with their own money and borrow a 20. This time it doesn’t work so instead you offer to change their 20 into 2 20$ bill … so … you take out scissors and cut their bill in 2 … at the end, you restore it and have the serial number checked for authenticity. Nice sure-fire gags throughout.

Premonition : Jack’s take on the book test plot. A prediction is made and 2 spectators makes free choices to chose a page number and a word anywhere in that page. An un-gimmicked dictionary is used. Reputation making material.