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iSense by Thinking Paradox




What if we could read their minds just with our own senses? What if you could sense what is going around you, even having you eyes covered by an spectator, or blindfolded with tape?

As a mentalist, surely you have noticed the incorporation of tecnology into our art. But, have you ever felt dependant on a gimmick?

In Thinking Paradox we love simple and elegant methods based on a scientific principles. That is why, after our worldwide success in Clear Choice, we are so happy to be able to offer our last great creation: iSense.

Isense is an easy TECHNIQUE that provides you information in an undetectable and immediate way, just by using your own abilities, with no gimmicks or external helpers. That means: NOTHING TO BE BUILD OR PREPARED, just you and your mind.

You will learn 4 routines that can be performed both for close-up, just for some spectators, and stage for hundreds of people.

Imaginary prediction: you will write on a paper the word that an spectator will choose among several words randomly named by other spectators. Even before they imagine what words they are going to name! The prediction is not changed at any time and can be in the hands of the spectators since the beginning.

Invisible object reading: you will be albe to watch imaginary objects on the palm of a spectator’s hand, and describe or even to draw them in detail. Without questions or forcings.

Spicy russian roulette: you will save your life (or rather your stomach) by discovering where is the most spicy sauce of the world, hidden as tomato sauce. And all of this having your eyes blindfolded and without even sniffing it.

Flavour telepathy: having your eyes blindfolded with tape, you will feel the taste of a drink chosen among several, at the precise moment in which an spectator behind you taste it.