InstaCAAN by Joel Dickinson




InstaCAAN takes the “Card at Any Number” plot to incredible new heights with a kicker ending that will leave your audience speechless!

After introducing a deck of cards, as well as a face-down prediction card, you instruct a member (or members) of the audience to pick a number between 1 and 52.

The playing cards are then carefully dealt until you reach that selected number. Impossibly, the card at this number perfectly matches your prediction that has been in view the entire time.

This would be an amazing card trick on it’s own. However, you’re just getting started. It’s about to get truly crazy!

After your audience has had a moment to collect themselves, you then spread the deck face up to reveal that every other card is completely BLANK. They won’t believe their eyes!

And, here’s the best part, they can even pick up the cards and look through them. There’s nothing to find.

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