Insights by Danny Goldsmith




You will learn:

* The complete Insights One Coin Routine, taught streaming online via DAVE.
* The Fingertip Fling – Goldsmith’s magical shooting of a coin from the very fingertips. It looks impossible with no tells and no noticeable finger movement…but it’s kinda easy to master! It’s a daily “go-to” effect.
* The DG Retention Vanish – This is the move that put Goldsmith on everyone’s radar. A perfect retention with a long burn and no tells…A misleading vanish that leaves the magician in a natural and ideal position for reproducing the coin!
* The Balance Production and Balance Vanish – A clever new way to hold a coin that opens an arsenal of options for concealments. You’re gonna have fun!
* Plus many more!
* …Like this bonus: The Balance Transfer – A stand alone additional effect, that is an open hands coin transfer. It’s squeaky clean and naturally fooling, even to the magic fraternity. This one alone is worth the price of admission!
* Also included are practice tips, examples, theories, angle management, and more!
* Completely Impromtu! No gimmicks. Just supply your own coins.
* First half of the project is the complete routine and second half is bonus, bonus, bonus ideas!
*Exceptional value, nothing held back!

“A playful and refined one coin routine. Danny is a joy to watch! You can tell he loves it, too.”

– Branden Wolf