Hidden Gems 2 by Mark Elsdon (PDF)





A guidebook to fabulous but forgotten material curated by yours truly…

I’ve been making notes and sticking Post-its in all my books for decades, so I have hundreds and hundreds of great tricks book-marked, annotated and logged, and after some (not so subtle) prompting by friends I finally decided to collect 100 of them together and publish them in a book.

That book – Hidden Gems – proved far more popular than I ever expected! So here we are with Vol. 2 and another 100 killer tricks that most of us have either forgotten about or never even seen before.

These are tricks that define the very concept of ‘hidden in print’. In each entry I list the trick, where you can find it, why I love it and why YOU should look it up. I always describe the effect, occasionally the presentation, but NEVER the method.