GPS 2.0 by Chris Funk




“I consider it the greatest trick in the history of card magic.” -Gazzo

Pros already know why this is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

FOUR spectators each secretly think of a city, and you miraculously know what everyone is thinking.

The tossed-out deck is one of the most powerful mind-reading demonstrations you can do. But it can still come across as a card-trick, which is fine if you’re a magician, but could be undesirable if you’re a mentalist.

Chris Funk has redesigned this classic for himself to be even more powerful using luggage-tags. Not only does this make thematic sense since he’s on the road for corporate work and fancy private-parties, it also demonstrates subconsciously that he’s a successful entertainer traveling around the globe.

Magic-wise, it’s more relatable because the thoughts you’re reading from the spectators are real, exotic and fun places, which not only provide more colorful mind-reading, but it creates a better story and a better mind-reading experience than simply thinking of boring-old-numbers-with-suits.

Today, you can finally add this polished masterpiece to your own act. Chris tips everything including patter, presentation and the comedy moments that turn an impossible miracle into an entertaining showpiece.