Good Intuition by Bernardo Sedlacek




Bernardo has been fooling layman and magicians alike with his mind-blowing impromptu routine, Good Intuition. Inspired by Dani DaOrtiz’s Triple Intuition but executed with a regular, borrowed, and shuffled deck. Bernardo creates three unbelievable powerful moments of magic. He’ll start by teaching you the overall workings of the routine. Once you understand the flow of the method, he’ll dive deep into the layers of delicacies and psychology that transform this sleight-less piece of magic into a real, impactful miracle. Best of all, every one of the countless tips, subtleties, and psychology Bernardo passionately explains, can be applied to ALL your magic!

Hands off
Borrowed and Shuffled Deck
Impossible to backtrack
Principles can be added to other card effects
Filled with subtleties to improve your magic in general
The best way to get handshakes