ForeSign by Richard Osterlind




Osterlind Mysteries is proud to present the newest effect from the mind of Richard Osterlind! ForeSign is one of the most direct mentalism effects you will ever perform. It’s the perfect opener for a mentalism show!

Here’s what the audience sees. The mentalist introduces a white envelope containing five cards each bearing an ESP symbol. The spectator’s name is written on the envelope along with a prediction that the audience doesn’t see. The cards are removed from the envelope one at a time until the audience member says stop. The envelope is then turned over to show that the performer’s prediction was one hundred percent correct!

ForeSign is easy to do and instantly resets! What’s more, the props are very thin and can fit right into your pocket. Time-tested principles combined with brand new innovations make ForeSign a stunning effect that you’ll always be ready to perform.
Along with the ForeSign apparatus, you’ll receive a DVD with performances and detailed explanation of the diabolical secret and correct handling of ForeSign, along with a booklet that contains additional ideas and approaches.