Finderskeepers by Lewis Le Val




Three borrowed coins, three sealed envelopes.

A spectator secretly writes something/anything on a coin (a number, letter, ESP symbol etc.) This coin is then sealed in an envelope.
Another two or more coins are then sealed in separate envelopes, all of which are mixed by the spectator whilst the performer’s back is turned. WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING, the performer can not only locate the correct envelope, but also reveal what is written or drawn on the coin, before the envelope is even opened!

This routine uses NO GIMMICKS and has a minimal setup.

– No ink transfer
– The spectator seals ALL of the envelopes
– Any number of coins and envelopes can be used
– Anything can be written or drawn by the spectator for the performer to reveal
– Once the spectator has sealed the envelopes, the performer never touches anything again
– End completely clean