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eSPbook by Ryan Dux




Two mentalism effects that you can carry around everywhere you go.

1. ESP

You have an envelope laying in full view on the table. Now, let the spectator choose one of the five ESP symbols, sight unseen. No one knows which symbol was chosen. Next, you dump out a slip of paper from the envelope. You have correctly predicted the symbol!

– No force needed, very easy handling.
– not restricted to ESP, use whatever you want to predict
– instead of playing cards, draw symbols on your business cards; nice giveaway


Show your spectator a list of ebooks on your smartphone. Give them your phone.
Now let them choose an ebook. They don´t tell you, which one they chose.
Let them choose a page.
Let them choose a word.
You will be able to divine the chosen word.

With this download, you will be provided with everything that you need to get started right away. Suitable for english and german speaking magicians (see included ZIP file).

Keep in mind:

– no app needed
– real novels
– you can add as much ebooks as you like
– they can freely go thru the pages
– you never touch the phone
– no special wording or anagrams needed
– no additional electronic devices needed
– very easy to do
– packs small, plays fu****g big!