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Emran Riaz Penguin Live Online Lecture




Bold Prediction
A great opener to any mentalism act. A prediction held by a spectator reveals a 2 digit number created by the audience.

God speed
This peek has Mentalists all over the world ditching their peek wallets. One business card, one marker, and you will instantly be able to tell what the spectator is thinking.

Spectator is the mind reader (Godspeed)
A classic plot taken and honed into a modern marvel. The spectator reads your mind. You read theirs.

Evil dead
A killer is out to get your spectator. They avoid being killed by eliminating 4 of the 5 business cards in your pocket. The card left contains the killers name. Without seeing this card you tell the spectator who the killer they thought of is.

Sealed prediction in cellphone case
A prediction or a playing card is found in your cellphone case.

Cellphone case switch
A prediction sealed inside your cellphone case predicts any thought your spectator has. This can be any word, number or drawing on a business card.
Devious and clever. You’ll be able to switch a business card for a 2 way out or predict anything your spectator is thinking. It’s so logical and clever you will smile when you see the method.

Predictive coincidence
A spectator shuffles a deck of cards. The mentalist removes 1 card which is placed inside his pocket. The spectator shuffles and chooses 3 random cards from different parts of the deck. The 3 cards are all shown to be the same value. Finally the mentalist pulls out the last card, completing the four of a kind from his pocket, which has been there since the beginning.

A bizarre mental magic routine with a 3 phase thought of card reveal. Finally, the card appears between two of a kind that were previously empty.

Fork bending
Borrowing ideas from different fork bending styles, Emran shows you his extremely visual 7-phase metal bending routine where the fork finally bends in the spectators hand as a finale. There is even a startling phase where the fork unbends itself in a blink of an eye!

Zippo force
2 spectators, 1 a transmitter and the other a receiver, reveal a thought-of playing card.

El psy congroo
A coin predicts the spectator’s birthday and initials. Totally impromptu!

Bold Business (my version) Alternate peeks
With permission by the great Patrick Kuff, Emran teaches his deceptive handing of Bold Business, a great drawing duplication.

A double drawing duplication. One drawing is duplicated in real time and the second is predicted before the effect begins.