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Emotional Mentalism Vol 1 by Luca Volpe


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Emotional Mentalism is a collection of works and routines that Luca Volpe performs at his famous psychic parties.
After 5 years of shows and private performances around the world he has decided to finally release his best kept secrets.
This book contains routines, psychological subtleties and tips that will emotionally touch your audience keeping you remembered forever.
You will also learn about energy work, crystals and techniques on how to empower your audience.
Plus you will find all the secrets from Luca Volpe on how to structure the routines, ideas on how to create more bookings and he even includes the complete structure of his business planning and shows.
This book is a treausure to behold , a journey “into a dimension that you would not believe”…


Wow! You been the first to purchase the .pdf as soon was online! …lol…!
Thanks for your support and to trust in my creations, I look forward to know more about what you think of the other routines!

Here is a quote from Neal Scryer:
I am a big fan of Luca’s work, his creations are brilliant.
He is one of mentalism’s innovative thinkers.
Luca has stepped out of his boundaries on his latest release in a dimension that you would not believe.
He has created presentations here beyond anyone’s imagination.
Lets just say he has created a masterpiece, the Rembrandt of mentalism.
Neal Scryer

Review from Richard Webster:
I read “Emotional Mentalism” in one sitting, and was so excited I immediately read it again. Luca has written a wonderful book full of fascinating rituals and experiments using color and crystals. Luca explains everything extremely well, and in great detail. It’s obvious that he’s performed everything in the book many times. As well as complete instructions, he provides a complete script for every effect. His presentations are convincing, and technically easy to do. My favorite effects are Crystal Psychometry and The Energy Portal, but over the next few months I’m going to experiment with virtually everything in this book. This book is essential reading for every mystery performer, and everyone who wants to create what Luca calls “unforgettable moments of wonder.” Highly recommended. – Richard Webster.

“There are many reasons why I am proud to call Luca Volpe one of my true Students. In Emotional Mentalism you will discover these reasons for yourself. This is a book of powerful mentalism and even ceremonial, healing, magic. Be warned however. If you wish to be perceived a mere trickster, this work is not for you. If you wish to be part of the new renaissance of realistic mentalism which touches people as well as potentially betters their life experience, then you should rush to get this book. You will see that Luca has effectively channeled my own spirit as well as imbued this book with his own special energy. If you are a cynic, skip this work. If you want to embody the very essence of realistic mentalism, Emotional Mentalism is an absolute MUST.” – Kenton Knepper

Contents of the book:
1. Crystal Psychometry (my unique psychometry routine with crystal and a singing bowl. Just this routine will pay you back 10 times more of what you pay for this book!)

2. The Sound of Dream Q&A (My take on the Q&A act using the “sound of dreams”)

3. eMOTIONal ENERGY ( a routine full of moment of wonder in a sequence of energy attunement,invisible touch,readings and my personal “long term third eye positive suggestion”,plus you will have tips on how to link all the guests to you for long time and get more business!)

4. BODY AND SPIRIT HELING PROGRAMMING AND SUGGESTION (BSHPS) (this is not a trick, but a real concept based on energy work which will help your client to heal himslef from minor phisical problems)

5. BACK IN TIME (my take on the past life regression, where you will be able to read and predict the thoughts of your client, a simple concept with a twist!)

6. THE BOOK OF DREAMS (you will be able to predict the meaning of what you client will dream for an entire week)

7. STONE OF DESTINY EXPANDED (my signature routine on the topic of the which hand routine previously released as single manuscript now expanded with two new ideas from myself and Pablo Amirà)

8. ASTRAL PROJECTION ( your client will be able to separate his conscious from the physical body and when he will back in his body will be able to tell you what you wrote on a piece of paper.)

9. THE PORTAL (this is the final act of my psychic parties. The spectators will leave the show more empowered and with the smile on their face. This is what you want!)

10. PENDULUM PSYCHIC BABY by Pablo Amirà(an incredibile pendulum routine from the clever mind of Pablo Amirà which will connect very emotionally with your clients)

11. SYNCHRONISTIC DREAMS by Neal Scryer (Neal says that this is one of the strongest routine he does. The perfect routine to do when you want to impress someone and be remembered forever.)

12. FINDINGS by Scott Grossberg (a great reading system)

13. BOHT by Bryn Reinolds (the best improptu which hand routine)

PLUS, I will give share with some informations about crystals and energy works therapies from the courses and stage I had in the past years.

Here you will learn:
1. How to set up a private energy work session gaining rapport with your clients.
2. Basic knoweldge about crystals and how use them in “medicine crystal therapy”.
3. Finger dowsing tecniques
4. The Color Light terapy Pen (an introduction to this beautiful tools with a lot of potential for any mentalism/energy work routine)

PLUS you will have my FULL structure on my Psychic Parties Shows:
Theme of my psychic parties,List and sequence of the routines,advertising, how to promote yourself,what you can sell to the psychic parties,how to use your basic notion on energy work and get clients for private sessions.