Drawing by Silas Linden (PDF)





Not one or two…rather three new approaches for propless drawing revelations from the mind of Silas Linden.
In Drawing you will get 3 methods to being able to, in a propless and conversational way, reveal anyone’s thought of drawing.

1. Clouds: Your participant will visualize his drawing, and you can get it.

2. Sunshine: Just with a simple, natural action, you will secretly know the participant’s thought.

3. Reciprocity: A real connection between you and your participant will allow fantastic moments of mystery.

The power of words, imagination and visualization in real manners. For close up, parlor, stage, casual or even professional performances, you will get an idea to apply from Drawing.

Not language dependent
No anagrams
100% propless
No gimmicks
Nothing written down
1st edition 2018
word count: 2261 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text