Doug Brewer Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?

Coin Opener- Coins appear, split, multiply, vanish, and re-appear in a myriad of ways ending with a fistful of cash.

Rope Routine- A wonderful series of rope tricks, including penetrating the rope through various body parts.

Right Handed Coins- A tabled coins across.

Now Look Here Handling (Chad Long’s classic)- an offbeat way to reveal two peeked cards with extra magic bits.

6 Point Routine- Six sleights in one routine.

Single Cup & Ball- a pared-down version with one small cup that’s suitable for walk-around situations.

Cups & Balls- A routine showcasing cool moves without vanishes and perfectly paced final loads.

Bill in Lime- One of the cleanest vanishing bills in existence. And, after a few gags, the signed bill returns inside a lime.

Rice Bowl Routine- The 1998 SAM award winning act leading up to the completely unexpected production of a full bowl of rice.

Theory- Coins, Cards, and Closers.

And More!