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Docc Hilford 2 Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Black Hole Sun- A deck of cards is given the subject to be freely shuffled. The subject makes a random cut and selects a card. Without touching the deck, the mentalist reveals the chosen card. A previously shown envelope is opened to show an artist’s sketch depicting the mentalist revealing the same freely chosen card! No crimps or forcing of the cut at all.
This tight effect uses a deadly principle whose origin may surprise many and it can even be performed over the webcam.

Picture Perfect- Docc’s favorite design duplication effect. A subject is given paper and pen and sent to another room. There he draws any picture, signs and dates it. He folds the paper, seals it in a borrowed envelope and seals that in a larger envelope. The mentalist does NOT touch the paper or envelopes. No one has seen this picture. In fact, the mentalist DOES NOT KNOW THE PICTURE FOR CERTAIN, UNTIL THE PAPER IS UNSEALED AND SHOWN!
And yet, the mentalist is able to reproduce it on a whiteboard. There is no impression used, no forces, a completely free choice of the picture and the gimmick required is something that you probably already own.

Face Force- A convincing HANDS OFF card force with a shuffled borrowed deck. There seems to be no possibility of trickery because the deck is face up and the cards visible. Any number of cards can be forced and from there, the mentalist can create any effect he desires; from a book test to a magic square.

Three Sided Circle- This hidden gem was the closely guarded secret of one of Europe’s greatest mind readers! Everyone at an informal gathering is asked to think of a single digit number, 1 through 9. Using a random handful of cards, the mentalist cleverly, cleanly and uniquely reveals three people’s numbers without a single question. This single effect kept Docc living on a yacht in the Caribbean for an entire summer.

Indispensible Sleights- Mentalist are often sleight of hand weak. Here are a few simple card sleights every mentalist needs to have in their arsenal. I’m also discussing the proper use of playing cards in mentalism. A lesson valuable for all mentalists and magicians.

Eyes of the God- A classic in self working card magic. By applying some basic strategy, Docc illustrates how this effect can be used as an extremely convincing mentalism demonstration.

One to End- It uses just a few slips of paper. no sleight of hand, Only sleight of mind. Banachek called it his favorite demonstration of real mind control.