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DIVINE by Norberto Jansenson




Imagine that you can divine the thought-of cards from every single member of your audience, no matter how big or how small, in any live or virtual show.

Imagine that you can do this with any borrowed shuffled deck, without any manipulation, sleights, gimmicks, extra elements, or lengthy procedures.

Imagine that you could transform the effect into a playful, joyful celebration of mystery where everyone partakes, and it becomes an event onto itself.

Imagine no more… Divine by Norberto Jansenson.

Based on an ancient principle, Norberto Jansenson has solved the problems and transformed this stunning effect into a show-stopping experience that he used professionally to close every show for almost 40 years … TV shows, stage shows, close-up shows, and even virtual shows.

Norberto Jansenson will take you step by step to learn his EXACT method he has closely guarded. You will learn every detail, every secret from his vast experience with this effect. He will reveal all of the subtleties that will help you present a miracle. This will quickly become your new closing piece for years to come.

-very easy to learn
-requires no manipulation or difficult moves
-can be performed close up, on stage, and even virtually
-can be done with regular or jumbo cards
-does not require a full deck of cards
-no angle restrictions
-no fishing
-no extra cards
-no marked cards
-no gimmicks
-no crib or memory sheets
-no electronics
-no markers
-no mathematics to calculate
-no need for your audience to understand Poker
-no moves
-no skill required

Please take a moment to view the two trailers and, above all, the “An honest conversation” video, where Norberto Jansenson will share more information about DIVINE. We want you to know exactly what you are getting and to be delighted with your newest show piece. While the effect can be performed close up, it’s not a quickie that can be done for one or two spectators. It won’t serve as eye candy to astound your Instagram or TikTok followers. This is not your next table hopping effect.

But if you are looking for a show-stopping experience, you have found it.

Start learning it immediately. Perform it in your next show. It’s that easy.