Discarded Aces by Inaki Zabaletta




What you are about to see is not a force. It’s a switch. We are telling you that because the first 8 times we saw it, we were sure Iñaki Zabaletta was just forcing the aces on us. When he shared the secret with us we were floored and knew we had to share it with you. You saw him perform
this flawlessly on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! This is Iñaki Zabaletta’s Discarded Aces.

In this effect, the magician spreads the deck between their hands and asks audience participants to begin removing chunks of cards. They can take groups from the top, the bottom, the middle, wherever they want. They genuinely remove the cards they want, until you are down to just four cards. Those four cards are turned over and impossibly are the aces. Best of all you are left with the aces 100% of the time.

The great thing about discarded aces is that you could reveal any four cards. The revelation is 100% under your control and uses pure sleight of hand. There’s no equivoke, gimmicks, or forcing. Iñaki has delighted audiences with this effect all over the globe, and now you can learn the immensely satisfying secret behind Discarded Aces.