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Derek Ostovani – Penguin Live Lecture


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“As a full time working professional magician, Derek understands what strong magic is, how it relates to the spectators, what truly works for the general public and what pays the bills.” -H.M. David Malek

“Derek Ostovani is a very well rounded professional magician! I have worked with him personally at high-end corporate events as well as exclusive private parties. We have collaborated and created custom effects for presentations and tv. I’m excited to see what he will bring to the table for us all. From first hand experience, I can guarantee it will be practical and real working magic! Thanks Derek! Keep creating.” -Rich Ferguson

“While Derek was voted “Best Hair in Magic” three years running on the internet, he’s also known for having a nice beard and being an incredibly nice guy. Also, his magic rocks. See his lecture and buy all his products – you won’t be disappointed.” -Doug Brewer

“Derek is known as a worker here in San Diego and it shows in his magic. What he presents nightly are solid and commercial routines that continuously fools his audiences. You won’t be disappointed in this lecture.” -Syd Segal
What will he teach?
Opener- A simple yet STRONG opener that will really set the tone! The magician explains that this is a basic in card magic where the card is selected, lost and shuffled in the deck. The spectator is asked to cut exactly where they think their card is and fails to find it. The magician turns it into a better trick and magically changes it into the selection! Is Magic? Is it psychology? Or is it blinding sleight of hand skill? It’s up to the spectator to decide!

Illusion & the Box- The 4 kings are magically produced and then used to create an illusion. A card is selected, signed, and placed in the box. One at a time, the 4 kings become the signed selected card. Then at the end when they think it’s an illusion because their card is still in the box, the true illusion is that you never had their card in the box because it’s really the 4 kings that are in there! A real kicker ending!

That’s why they call me King- A spectator is asked to pull out their favorite four of a kind, the Magician loses them and through a demonstration of skill finds all four and then turns them into the 4 Kings.

Coin to Ring- 3 coins get produced, vanish, and switch places with the Magician’s wedding ring. A stunning transpo filled with productions and vanishes!

Lie to Me- A prediction is made, a card is selected, lost in the deck, you ask the spectator to blatantly lie about their card and from that you deduce their actual card. At this point they’ve totally forgotten about the prediction, and that’s when you really hit them hard!! This is worth the price of the lecture!

Rubber Prediction- The Magician makes a prediction and sets it aside. A card is selected and lost and then the entire deck is wrapped with a rubber band, only to vanish and find itself in the center of the deck wrapped around their selected card. The prediction matches their card and the rubberband wrapped card doesn’t come alone, it brings along the mates for a great 4 of a kind finale!

The Diddle Trick- A very visual 2 phase biddle trick that will really destroy your audience! Phase one, they visually see their card vanish and end up back in the deck. Phase two, they assist in the vanish of their card and this time they see it ARRIVE in the deck!

What lies Beneath- A deck of cards is transformed into a lie detector. There is an on the fly set up, and the finale happens in the spectator’s hands!

Jiggernaut 2.0- A classic routine by Mark Jenest brought back to life, but this time with some extra loads and a shot pour at the end that is sure to be your most organic production!

Who is he?
Derek Ostovani, a former structural engineer who resides in San Diego, California and now makes a full-time living traveling across the country and internationally to share his unique art of performance and sleight of hand skills. He is well versed in sleight of hand, Mentalism, and even Hypnosis and specializes in providing high-end entertainment for his corporate clients. Some of his clients include, Google, Amazon, Sam’s Club, and Twitter.

Derek not only packs a punch with his unique blend of Magic and Mentalism, but his quick wit and humor makes him a fan favorite from both Magicians and laymen alike! He was given a cordial invite to the exclusive FFFF convention in Buffalo New York, when Obie O’brien himself was watching him perform, unbeknownst to Derek, himself! He holds a Masters at 4F. Derek is a real worker and is constantly in the trenches. This is Derek’s third release with Penguin Magic and you’ll see why! You will learn the real stuff that Derek himself uses in his act!