Delete By Daniel Chard




Daniel Chard is an underground card worker with some serious moves. Not only does he combine gorgeous sleight of hand with innovative thinking, but the effects he produces are also practical miracles that you can perform in the real world. He can make aces vanish from a deck one at a time, and in a manner so clean you’ll think trick photography is involved. This is Delete.

Here’s what happens:

The magician produces four aces, which can be thoroughly examined by the spectators. One at a time the aces completely vanish right at the performer’s fingertips. The deck is turned over and the aces are shown to have completely disappeared. They aren’t hiding inside the deck. It’s as though they were deleted from reality itself. Then, as mysteriously as they vanished, the aces reappear and can once again be thoroughly inspected.

Delete uses a simple gimmick that you already have at home, and is extremely easy to do. In addition to the basic routine, Chard teaches advanced moves in detail that will elevate your magic to the next level. You learn to reproduce the aces in your hands, and even in your spectator’s hands. Chard also tips a mountain of bonus ideas for how to incorporate Delete into a variety of other card plots. This is a real worker with a secret that is as satisfying to learn as it is to perform. This is Daniel Chard’s Delete