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Dee Christopher – How to get away with murder


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Dee Christopher – How To Get Away With Murder


1914 official website new release Dee Christopher mind , this name is also very consistent with Dee Christopher has always been mysterious style. This generally includes two parts, the first professor of Dee some of the most popular visual bending effects ( and almost did not repeat previous teaching ) , we may have seen some of his videos Move cool , the second part is the number of mentalism and recommendations of the soul, the content is very interesting, worth a visit.

Dee Christopher exposes the trickery, deception and fraud under taken by the world’s leading psychics, psychokinetics and mediums.

Unlike other studies of this nature in the parapsychological world, the author’s background lies in the art of conjuring, sleight of hand and mentalism. You will learn how to replicate these demonstrations.

Christopher divulges the secrets held close by these figures who have conned the world into believing their skills are real and offers an insight into the mind of the professional liar.

All of the techniques described in this book (unless otherwise noted) have been developed by Dee Christopher through many years of study, development of published techniques and brand new thoughts and ideas that have never been shared in the past.

This tome is the ideal handbook for any performer (magician, mentalist, psychic entertainer, bizarre entertainer) looking to include psychic or psychokinetic demonstrations in their work for fun or profit.

When you buy the Hardback or Paperback book, you will also receive the instant download PDF free of charge. (If purchased before the release date, your download will be sent to you on or before Friday 13th April.)


An introduction to deception.
How to lie.

Section One: The Psychokinetic.

Spoon Bending;
.. History Misdirection What kind of spoons to bend The thumb bend The pick up bend The DC neck twist The synthetic arc bend Optics Fatigue The revolution switch The DC neck twist:…….. 2. The isolation experiment.

A complete spoon bending routine (With full scripting).

Coin Bending;
…… History & recommendations Altered Swivel Bend Syn Hallucination Heating coins Coin bend optics iSO:. Isolated coin bend iSO:. Simplified handling.

Key Bending;
History. Key switching. Flux key bend.

Controlling a compass.
Influencing a falling die.
Influencing a random number generator. (Thoughts)
Moving items;
History & recommendations. The Clothesline technique.

Further reading list on psychokinesis.

Section Two: The Psychic.

Psychic Healing
History. The basic method. The swab hideout. The naked method. The sleeve method.

The block technique for hands off psychometry.

Thought Reading
Introduction. Peeks, tears or impression pads? DC peek envelope technique.

The Accomplice
Using the accomplice. The Ruskin Sessions Video (Inc. After-Dark). Other ways to use the accomplice. Syllacode.

Creating Believable Demonstrations

Final Notes