David Williamson Chicago Lecture Notes 2018




Chicago Aces – An extremely clean method to allow the spectator to find the four Aces from a shuffled deck.

The Hypnotist – Dave’s clever and funny color changing deck routine right out of his book Williamson’s Wonders.

Vernon’s Varient Varient – Dave shows how he adds a final twist to this fantastic little 4 card trick. He also demonstrates it’s scalability and how he adapted it to the stage.

The Twins & Steve – Dave’s take on Brother John Hammond’s classic story trick.

Cardist Try – Dave’s in-the-hands fancy ace production routine.

Hotter Rod – A fun and unusual Hot Rod presentation that leaves them with photographic evidence!

Spellier & Smellier – Dave’s re-worked version of his popular “He who Spelt it, Dealt it” from Williamson’s Wonders.

4 x 5 – Several stunning changes add up to a minor miracle.