David Stone Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Ring- This is the first time David has taught his Ring in tennis ball routine which has had magicians scratching their heads since 2012

Splash bottle- Bottle production
Wall- Card to wall
The Oula Card- Card to foot
Cell- Card in cellphone
Mirage – Slow motion appearing and vanishing deck
Hologram- Appearing and color changing label
Mirage Lime- Card in lime
Torn & Restored
Double Stabbed Card Routine
Easy splash bottle
Say it Right Again
Kenny- Signed card to balloon
No Sleeve- Bottle production
Carbonnier- Torn and restored card
Glass & vodka bottle production
The Wig on the Tongue
Zenith- Card on ceiling
The wet prediction- Cards dropped in the clear bucket with water
Paperboard- Bottle from paper pad & streamer production
Tool-Demo and explanation of : 4 aces production / Think of a card/ 3 cards fly / The substitution trunk

And moreā€¦