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David McCreary Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
OPENER – This is David’s comedic prediction opener. It sets the tone for what the rest of the show is going to feel like. It includes 3 random predictions written out on a dry erase board. Two and a half of them aren’t great, but they are laugh out loud funny. The final half of the last prediction let’s the audience know, that not only am I going to make you laugh tonight, I’m also going to fool you with my prestig pressdije
presdigatation magic tricks.

SPONGE BALL MONTE – This is, by far, David’s favorite trick to perform for people. It’s his version of the shell game used with sponge balls. Inspired by a throw away gag that David Williamson did in his Sleight of Dave video, this bit engages not only the volunteer on stage, but drives the audience crazy. This is a trick that gets funnier for repeat audiences. You can repeat this trick over and over for the same audience and, as long as your volunteer hasn’t seen the trick, it gets more and more entertaining.

SHREDDER – David borrows the largest bill in the room and has a spectator place the bill into an envelope. That envelope is then mixed with four other identical envelopes. David then works with the poor sucker who just offered up his money to eliminate (shred) four of the envelopes, hoping that the money isn’t in an envelope that’s being shredded. It’s funny to see how much an audience enjoys seeing somebody else in fear of losing their hard earned cash.

SLEIGHT OF MOUTH – David has turned the simple “card found in mouth trick” into a great bit using two audience members. So many laughs throughout this bit, including the biggest gasp/shock/”is he really doing what I think he’s doing to that person” of the show.


SILENT OPENER – David walks onto stage with a giant plastic smile in his mouth. Through cue cards, David communicates with an audience member, getting her to name ANY CARD. When she names the card, David sets aside the cue cards and slowly let’s the plastic smile fall from his mouth. Attached to the back side of the smile, held in his mouth, from the beginning of the effect, is a folded up card, the named card. This is David’s work based on his experience with Jon Allen’s Silent Treatment and Angelo Carbone’s Cue The Magic.