Dan Harlan Penguin Live Online Lecture 3




What will he teach?
L.O.V.E.- Four simple cards go through many changes before revealing their hidden, charming message.

Hold It, Buster!- Structure, scripting, and a secret kicker ending transform a trick into an engaging signature piece.

Rising Dough- An ambitious copper coin melts its way up through a stack of silver.

Push- Get inside another person’s mind to remove one thought and replace it with a completely different one.

Win/Win- A game between two spectators results in point totals revealing both their cards… and everyone comes out a winner.
Harlan Hookup- A practical, versatile hook-up for animating and levitating a variety of objects.

Psychic Paper- A blank piece of paper can only be read by one helper to reveal the thoughts of others.

There’s Waldo!- Two ways to find the notoriously elusive Waldo with very little effort.

Card Antenna- A twisty antenna reveals a thought-of card.

Right Brain, Left Brain- A devious secret allows you to know what someone is thinking simply by the way they tear a piece of paper.