Cube To Chocolate by Henry Harrius




One of the most famous acts of magic of Rubik’s cube on the net is cube to chocolate (candy).
Henry Harris who devised that big hit work “Rubik’s Dream” made this phenomenon a perfect gimmick and a perfect phenomenon.

There are five improvement points compared to those sold previously.
· You can show six sides.
· You can turn the cube. (You can twist)
· Acting is possible even if enclosed.
· You can act in any color table, even without a mat.
· In other words, no table is necessary. You can do it with the hands of the audience.

I thought that you would like to play this cube to chocolate, and what you do not need any lighting conditions, distance, difficult set conditions etc at all is completed here.

Also nice to use the mini cube shell that came with Rubik’s Dream, you can broaden the range of performance.
(Both of the two shells attached this time are the same size as the mini cube)