Crazy Cash by Dan Harlan




Borrow a bill from your spectator. REALLY tear it into four pieces. Restore those four pieces in a completely mixed up, impossible order. Give it away for them to talk about forever.

Is that not enough for you? Or did we forget to mention that the spectator signs the bill at the very beginning? Or did we forget to mention that the bill you tear is the same bill you restore? Or did we forget to mention that this is 100% real currency? This is Dan Harlan’s Crazy Cash.

The single best torn and restored trick that has ever existed. Period. End of discussion.

In Crazy Cash a bill is borrowed from your spectator, and folded into quarters. The spectator then signs the folded bill, which is then legitimately torn into four equal pieces. First, two pieces are fused back together with the opposite edges touching, and then the other two pieces are joined back together with their opposite edges touching. The outside corners of the bill now meet in the center with the outside edges becoming the torn edges. The spectator’s signature never leaves their sight and the mismade bill can be handed out immediately for examination.

Dan Harlan goes deep in-depth on the construction of the gimmicks used to accomplish this miracle, which is actually easy to perform. Once the bill is signed almost all of the work is already done. As a bonus you’ll receive a PDF of Dan Harlan’s Crazy 8, another signed torn and mismade miracle that operates on the same principles. You also receive full television performance rights. This isn’t just a reputation maker, this is the trick no one will ever stop talking about. This is Dan Harlan’s Crazy Cash.