Christopher Carter Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Stage Mentalism Act.

Tossed Out Deck- Christopher’s take on the classic, filtered through 30 years and thousands of performances.

Three Billet Routine- A real “worker.” Three minds are read under seemingly impossible conditions.

That’s So Cute- A non-gimmicked approach to Staple Gun Roulette that builds to a startling climax.

Horse Fly- A powerfully theatrical version of Art Emerson’s classic Pegasus Page

Miracle- Seven people mix up jumbo alphabet cards and select letters. The mentalist, without looking at them, plays a stage sized game of scrabble, creating the best words possible with their letters. This is a mentalist’s version of a stage illusion. It plays HUGE

Ring Tone- The entire audience writes their cellphone numbers down on cards. A volunteer selects one card and enters the number into his phone, preparing to dial. The mentalist locates the person in the audience whose phone is about to ring.

The Broom and The Watch- A psychokinetic stage illusion. A borrowed broom is balanced across an inverted glass so that it resembles the hour hand of a watch. The mentalist makes it rotate under seemingly impossible conditions.