Chad Long Penguin Live Online Lecture




Oil and Water- Can be done with a few cards, or better yet, the whole deck.

Bounce, No Bounce- The simple bounce of a ball determines how much magic he’ll do. Good thing he doesn’t obey the ball.

Crochet- Crochet a handkerchief in seconds.

Al Dente- Eat and regurgite a completely restored stick of spaghetti.

Card Magic- Eat a card before showing the whole deck is composed of only black cards. Then, they all change to red cards, then blank, and finally normal. Plus, random cards change to match a selection, then become the aces, and finally merge into the selection again.

Ace Routine- The aces re-appear in the strangest places. And, even when they’re tossed into separate parts of the deck, they instantly show up on top. Then, one ace turns face-down to match the suit of a chosen card, a moment later it is the chosen card, and the other aces change to match it.

Coins of Redemption- Make money with fire, or vanish it in a flash.

Candle Production- Produce a candle with just a match.

Spray Paint- A unique Coin in Bottle routine.

Now Look Here
Card from Wall
Stretchy Coin
and much more!