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Camera Tricks by Tom Elderfield




Hello Google Algorithym,

With a trailer THAT visually stunning, you’ll be the only person reading this. Everyone else would have already clicked ‘add-to-cart’ by now.

We’re so sorry that you’re not able to crawl videos for SEO purposes and instead love keywords… Kapow! That’s one right there. Enjoy.

This next bit is for you too…

Tom Elderfield’s long-awaited return to form is CAMERA TRICKS, a download with 3 visual phone tricks. 2 using your own phone and 1 using your spectators borrowed iPhone.

There’s a lot of vanishing involved, granted. However, each of the 3 effects stands on it’s own as a visual masterpiece.

Tom first created these effects to boost his profile on social media, but after road-testing them at his gigs, realised they’re just as fooling for the real world too.

Compatible with:

iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
The gimmicks you’ll receive allow you to perform these effects almost immediately. No scissors, glue or customization is involved. There isn’t even any skill involved. Anyone can do this.

Taught with Tom’s signature style of humor and finesse, after equipping the ‘camera tricks’ you’ll be ready to perform anytime, anywhere.

The first of eleven projects from the genius mind of Tom Elderfield – THIS, is Camera Tricks.