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Butterfly Ring by Barbu Nitelea




“Ring magic has to be one of the most organic magic and to see it develop further with new ideas is just refreshing.” – Patrick Kun

“Looks like someone has been busy… Lots of good looking stuff here!” – Zach Heath

“Crazy Great Sh*t!!!” – De’vo vom Schattenreich

Welcome to the Butterfly Ring presented by barbumagic. In this project you will learn several advanced ring magic effects using bouth gimmicked and impromptu techniques.

Push – Pull Sequence – ring through finger goes to the next level. This sequence consists of these following moves:
PUSH (reverse of Patrick Kun’s Reflex – ring through finger), PULL, CLOSED PUSH, TRANSFER.
TELEPORT – with a wave of the hand, the ring looks like it teleports from a finger to another.
MELT – the ring looks like it melts through the finger, under the cover of the hand.
SLINKY Vanish – very visual retention vanish.
LIFESAVER Vanish – dirty method for a superclean vanish.

BALANCE – clean, angleproof balance of a ring on the finger; you can turn your hand also horizontally, the ring looking like it’s stuck to the tip of the finger.
FLOAT – interesting float of a ring, that can be used also as a balance of the ring on a finger and then you can transfer the ring to another finger from the other hand.
OTT Vanish/Change – ring vanishes with a wave of the hand; the ring can also reappear with another wave of the hand.
UG Vanish/Change – you display a ring in the middle of the hand, you close your fingers around it and when you open your hand, the ring is gone.
CATCH – inspired by Garrett Thomas-“The Ring Thing”, but using a different method.
BR THROUGH WINDOW – a visual, straightforward illusion of throwing a ring through glass.
BR THROUGH GLASS + variation – one of the most visual object through glass effects.
BR THROUGH TABLE + variation – ring can go, down or up, through a glass table.