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Breath by Mat Parrott (PDF)





The contents include:

OUT OF BREATH: Out of this World style routine
LIQUOR IN THE FRONT: A hands off Blackjack cheating routine
POKER IN THE REAR: Four Royal Straights are shuffled and perfectly produced
UNNAMED POKER ROUTINE: Royal Straights are produced from a shuffled deck
THEIR TELL: From a shuffled deck the magician reveals the value of every card in the participant’s hand
REVELATION: The magician is able to reveal a chosen card from a shuffled deck
POKER PREDICTION: A deck is shuffled and a poker hand chosen. A sealed envelope contains a prediction about the hand.
D.A.I.DO: Do As I Do style routine
WHAT’S IN THE HAND: Cards are taken from a shuffled deck. No matter how many cards there are the magician can name every one.
PREDICTION TWENTY-ONE A blackjack hand is taken from a shuffled deck. An envelope contains the matching cards.
DOUBLE POKER PREDICTION: A poker hand is taken from a shuffled deck. An envelope contains a matching hand.
PERFECT PREDICTION: Similar to What’s in the Hand, with the use of more deception.
MULTI-PHASE ROUTINE: A multi-phased routine utilising previous methods
IT’S OKAY: An idea with a very mixed up deck
ESPECIALLY BAD NAME: Zenner cards are randomly mixed and two perfect hands are created
ESPREDICTION: A deck of Zenner cards is shuffled. An envelope contains a matching hand of five selected cards.
TURN TO PAGE 394: A book test
MONEY ON THE MIND: Bank notes are mixed up and an amount of them selected. The magician has a prediction as to how much the participant has
SCRABBLE SELECTION: Letter tiles are mixed up and several selected. The magician has a prediction of the word a participant creates from these
SMASH AND CRACK: A game is played using multiple eggs
MINTAGE: The magician is able to tell the date of a randomly selected coin from a selection