Brad Henderson Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
The Soiree-
This show was designed for small groups around a table. It is a theatrically intimate experience relying heavily on the personality of the group. The show is structured to meet the audience on its own terms and gradually open them to the possibility of experiencing “real magic.” It is a close up show, where the performer is right in the mix with the guests. I most often perform this show after dinner when the guests clear the table and we all gather around. The show is a perfect fit for small close up magic dedicated spaces like the Close Up room at the magic castle.

A Demonstration of Skill- Play it Straight Triumph
Closer to Magic- Copper Silver Transposition
The Birthday Diary
My Least Favorite Trick- Gadabout Coins aka Two in the Hand
The Bunnies- Sponge bunnies
Chop Cup
Sandsational- (Performance Only)Theory