Black Flag by Lewis Le Val




The closest thing to a real playing card divination.

Imagine this:
You borrow a bandana and a shuffled deck of cards*. You place the cards on the table with the bandana covering it completely. You never touch them again.

With your back turned, the spectator cuts the deck and looks at a card before replacing it, the deck remains covered and out of your sight at all times.

Without touching anything, you instantly know the card they saw. Every time.

Not enough? You can instantly repeat this with different results.

– No Crimps
– No Marks
– No Gimmicks
– No Set Up
– No Reset
– No Peeks
– No Dual Reality

No Table? No Problem – Lewis also teaches a SECOND method for walk around that all happens in the hands.

By the way, both methods can be performed COMPLETELY SURROUNDED. They’ll still see nothing and it’ll FLOOR them.