Andrus Card Control 2 by Jerry Andrus




Here in Volume 2, John Redmon continues to build on the foundation from Volume 1 as he introduces the first moves and routines taught in Andrus Card Control. Additionally, he presents in-depth teaching on one of the most famous techniques of Jerry Andrus: the Multiple Card Insertion Control. You will learn how to insert from 2 to 6 cards into individual places in the deck and, without shuffling or cutting, control those cards to in-jogs, side-jog, and diagonal jogs. Coupled with Volume 1, this volume rounds out the foundation needed to master the moves from Andrus Card Control that were hailed by great magicians such as Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller as revolutionizing card control.

Shifting the Angles Principle and Application
Blocking Movement Principle
Drift Shift Control
Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Multiple Cards (packet of 2-6 cards)
Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Multiple Cards (2-6 cards inserted into different parts of the deck)
INJOGTO Move (in-jog turnover) Version 1
INJOGTO Move (in-jog turnover) Version 2
Gambler’s Aces Routine – Demonstration and Explanation
In-Jog Addition Control
Clip Slip Control
Clip Slip to Top or Bottom Versions
Card-Tration Routine – Demonstration and Explanation (Card Through Handkerchief using the clip slip)
Andrus at Halloween