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Andrew Frost By Forces Unnoticed




There is some very difficult stuff in this project and practice will be required, however I break every move down in detail giving you the tips and shortcuts, allowing you to learn these moves quicker.


Longitudinal Swivel Steal – One Handed Bottom Palm – Vernon’s Palm to Palm Transfer + many more.


House trained – My favourite trick from the book is House Guest which is an incredibly clean card to box, however I have found that the actions that a necessary for the method don’t fit the way I handle cards. I redesigned the trick so that the handling was coherent with the may I ordinarily handle cards but yet still appears as fair as the original.

Exchange Rate – An extremely fooling version of Bureau d’change which happens completely isolated and away from the deck. A card is named and placed in the performers pocket and then a 4 of a kind is named and placed under a card box. The card is taken from the pocket and turns in the 4 cards that were placed under the box moments before and the single card from your back pocket is found under the box.

Thought Manifest – The original tricks sees a card peeked, palmed, transferred and then produced in an incredibly clean way. I provide 3 variations on this trick; the first allows for the card to produced right at the fingertips from longitudinal palm, the second allows a card to be products under your hand in the middle of the table and the final allows a card to be produced at shoulder level in a flourishy way.

Bonus Effect – Lonely Due to Bottom Dealing – Ross Tayler provides a streamlined variation for Lonely at the Top, one of my least favourite effects in the book. He has changed the construction so that it is easier to understand making it more inline with a “reset effect” and also provides some insight into dealing from the bottom using a Erdnase grip.