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Alberto De Figueiredo Penguin LIVE


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“Alberto was born with a gift, he can feel the essence of good and strong magic. Then he added love, passion and tons of professionalism. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your passion and that gift of yours Alberto!” – Juan Tamariz

“I only recently discovered the work of Alberto de Figueiredo and became an instant fan. His ideas are brilliant, his style unique and his magic is amazing.” – Shawn Farquhar

“Alberto’s magic has the signature of the true professional: he has a charismatic personality, clear effects, and effective methods. Surprising and fun magic!” – Roberto Giobbi

“I can only hope that one day my magic is half as good as Alberto’s! Essential material from one of Spain’s top professionals.” – Woody Aragon

What will he teach?

Magician’s Tools – The perfect start for a stage show.

Three Tests to Become a Magician – A rope routine in the hands of an spectator.

Signed Bill in the Lemon – Practice and commercial version.

An Invisible Twist – The invisible deck routine with a powerful climax.

Dice stacking routine – A very magical routine of dice stacking.

Back in Time – A multiple face card to wallet.

Instructions – A signed card travels to an incredible location.

Stop me – An impromptu version of Denis Berh “Stop it”.

Cuffed – An escape with an impossible ending.

The Building – A wonderful closer in the spectator’s hands.

Who is he?

Alberto de Figueiredo is one of the foremost magicians on the Spanish magic scene. He is also one of the most seasoned professionals in the country, backed with more than 3,500 performances in all kinds of venues to all types of public during his career. He has been fully engaged and devoted to magic since 1993. He has appeared in 100+ national TV shows, both as a host and as a guest. He has performed in theaters across Spain and conducted events for the major companies.

His talent and his work as a professional are widely recognized by the magicians from all across the country. He received an award in the Spanish national contest, has written three top-selling books in which he shares his own magic creations, philosophy and insights, and he holds lectures regularly in Spain and abroad to other magicians. These activities are being combined with his role as a teacher at Ana Tamariz’s Great School of Magic and its ongoing collaborations with “Abracadabra de Magos Solidarios Foundation.”