5-Star Miracle Prediction with Richard Osterlind




Richard Osterlind has been sifting through histories mysteries to breathe new life into some lost classics of mentalism and mind-reading. Al Koran’s Five Star Prediction might be one of the strongest and most straight forward prediction effects with a deck of cards ever created. Richard’s extra touches make this a powerhouse effect that will leave your audiences stunned.

Here’s what happens:

An envelope is sitting in the open from the very beginning of the effect. A deck of cards is introduced and shuffled, then handed to the spectator who begins dealing them face up into the performer’s hand. The spectator can genuinely stop at any time they want, and you genuinely use the card that they stop on. No switches. No false moves. The envelope is open and inside is a card from a different deck, and it matches the spectator’s card perfectly.

Richard teaches you how to make the gaffs you need so that this trick does all the hard work while you can focus on performance. This trick is deceptively powerful and plays well for small and large audiences alike. The Five Star Prediction by Al Koran is utterly fair, and guaranteed to bring down the house.